43. Bird houses

43. Bird houses


Yesterday I took a walk late evening / early night to try out some long exposure shots with lighting using a laser pointer. The high ISO setting and the huge contrast between subject and the light ray created some really interesting shots.

It's really quite simple to do this. First i mounted the camera on a tripod, set it to timer delayed release and attached my 430EX flash (this can be done without the flash if you're good at setting manual focus in low light conditions - which I'm not). As to focus the image I switched on the flash and used it's light emitting grid thingy, pressed the release button halfway down to focus, switched the flash off and pressed the release button all the way down. The you got about 10 seconds to grab your laser pointer and get ready for the exposure. While the sensor is under exposure you just use your laser pointer for drawing the lines. If you like you can add some fill light using a regular flash light.

This one, and the one for tomorrow, is quite different than any previous photos. I spend some time messing it up bad in post processing to get it as I wanted.

Basically I adjusted levels, increased contrast, desaturated everything but red (the sky was orange due to a nearby city lighting the clouds) and added some vignetting. I'm still trying to get myself to do this kind of heavy post processing, but for some reason I have a hard time convincing myself that it is ok.

June 5, 2007, 6:57 pm

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30 sec, f/9, ISO 1600
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  • Pavel: Great artistic image, especially for 1600ISO, even on 400D that looks usually quite crappy. Congrats.

    This one goes on my hall of fame page:D.
    June 6, 2007, 2:03 am
  • Sune Scheller: Did you take a photo without using the pointer? I can imagine that it would look quite nice.
    June 6, 2007, 1:26 pm
  • Thomas René Sidor: Pavel: Yeah - well the increased brightness in the middle hides quite a lot of the heavy ISO noise. As for the hall of fame - thanks a lot, it's appreciated! :)

    Sune: No I didn't, but have thought of doing so a couple of times now as I pass the pole quite often - who knows, maybe in the future :)
    June 6, 2007, 10:44 pm

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